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Calling all C-level executives, Director Generals, Managing Directors, General Managers and Executive Directors!

Inspire the community to get more physically active, and raise awareness for Cancer Patient Care in the UAE, by taking part in our Executive Challenge – an “activity sprint”.

The Executive Challenge is open to C-level executives, DGs, MDs, GMs, Executive Directors and equivalent.

We encourage personal donations from each Exec’s own pocket directly to Rahma – Cancer Patient Care Society (charity partner of the Abu Dhabi Dash). Money will go towards purchasing chemotherapy packages and giving help to those who need it most.

By leading from the front our Execs can inspire others to be more physically active.


  1. Execs all begin at the start/finish line
  2. Run 10 metres down allocated lane to the first station and perform “10 squats to wall ball”
  3. Run back to the start/finish line
  4. Run 20 metres and perform “10 hand release/clap push ups”
  5. Run back to the line
  6. Run 30 metres and perform “10 lay downs”
  7. Run back to the line
  8. Run 40 metres and perform “10 burpees”
  9. Sprint finish to the line

The challenge consists of four activity stations and a total of 200m running.


17.30 – Gather by Start/Finish Line for Prompt Start

17.50 – Brief Introduction by Sally Corander, Founder of The Dash, and representative from Rahma – Cancer Patient Care Society

17.55 – Donations into the Box

18.00 – Group Photo, and Race Instructions by Haddins Fitness

18.00 – Executive Challenge Starts

18.15 – Executive Challenge Ends and Prize Ceremony


  1. Squat to Wall Ball – Execs must squat down to the ball and fully extend hips/knees at the top of the squat
  2. Hand Release/Clap Push Ups – Execs must release hands and clap above their head (chest on ground) to complete a rep
  3. Lay Downs – Execs must lay completed flat and touch one hand behind their heads before returning to standing position (can stand up any way)
  4. Burpees – Execs must have chest touch the ground, jump at the top of the burpee and clap behind their head for a full rep.
    The Exec who returns to the start/finish line first after completing all four stations is the winner of the Abu Dhabi Executive Challenge 2018

In Partnership With

Rahma - Cancer Patient Care Society


To take part, you can nominate your boss! (although please make sure they know about it!)
If you are the boss, you can sign up yourself

Please register your interest by filling out your details here:

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