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What is the date and time of the Ladies Dash? Where will it take place? 2017-02-16T14:11:23+00:00

The 2017 Ladies Dash will take place on 13th March at Al Bateen Ladies Beach. Registration will be from 4.00pm. All participants who are racing MUST arrive before 5.15pm.

The activity village will open at 4:00pm until 10pm.
The race will start at 6.30pm.

What is the Activity Village? 2017-02-16T14:11:56+00:00

The Ladies Dash is not just about the relay race. We also have an Activity Village to keep all participants and spectators and children engaged and having fun!

Competitors, guests and children can join activities in the village where you can experience different sports and fitness activities, silly fun sports day races, health and wellness activities including meal prep, nutrition speeches and sample different healthy food. There will be a main stage where we have a schedule of events taking place throughout the evening including a Zuma class, Crossfit showcases and motivational speeches. For children, we have a playground and activities, which will be managed by qualified staff so you can leave the children in safe hands and join in the sports!

There will also be food and drink available to purchase onsite.

What do I wear? 2017-02-16T14:12:28+00:00

Please wear comfortable active/sports wear i.e. trainers, leggings or jogging pants and a t-shirt. It is a strictly ladies only event including all event and support staff.

It may be a bit cooler in the evening so please keep that in mind and bring outerwear if necessary.

If you would like to wear branded or team t-shirts, please feel free. If you would like to wear fancy dress, that is also fine! We will have a prize for the best dressed team!

Will there be parking nearby? 2017-02-16T14:12:44+00:00

There is car parking available at the ladies beach and further down at the public beach. We will also have an overflow car park for our participants and spectators if this is full. Simply follow the directional signs.

What time should team members arrive? 2017-02-16T14:13:00+00:00

Teams need to register at the venue between 4.00pm and 5.15pm.

When do we receive our race packs? 2017-02-16T14:13:19+00:00

Race pack collection will take place on the day of the event. Once you have registered, you can go to the collection point to receive your race bag.

Whilst running, each team must have their number and their timing chip. Failure to have this may lead to team disqualification.

Upon registering your team, more rules and regulations, including full terms and conditions, will be sent to you.

Are there changing rooms? 2017-02-16T14:13:39+00:00

There will be restrooms and changing facilities available at the venue.

Can we bring our friends and family to support? 2017-02-16T14:13:56+00:00

If you have colleagues, friends or children who would like to celebrate with you and join in the activities in the village, please encourage them to come along but please note that this is a strictly ladies only event and any male over the age of six years will not be allowed in.

Are men allowed? 2017-02-16T14:14:12+00:00

No. This is a strictly ladies only event and any male over the age of six years will not be allowed in.

What time does the race finish? What time is the Prize Ceremony? 2017-02-16T14:14:35+00:00

The race will finish at approximately 7.15-7.30pm.

The prize ceremony will take place at 8pm and the event will close at 10pm.

Who will receive the prizes? 2017-02-16T14:15:00+00:00

We will award the top 3 teams who finish the race. Each of these teams will receive a trophy and a prize from our partners. Previous prizes have included sportswear, fitbits and restaurant vouchers.

We will also award a trophy and prize to the Fastest lap time, the best supporters for a team and the best dressed team!

Who gets a medal? 2017-02-16T14:15:21+00:00

Everyone who participates in the race will receive a medal upon completion.