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The Ladies Dash is an accessible short distance and fun race for ladies and girls (aged 13 and over) designed to promote
a healthier lifestyle, providing nutritional advice and guidance through fun activations.

The Details:

  • The race starts at 6.45pm (participants must register before 5.15pm)
  • Completely private | strictly ladies only
  • 400m relay race per person (running race)
  • Teams of 5
  • A timed race
  • All participants receive a race bag with their race number, a t-shirt and goodies
  • A medal will be given to all upon completion of the race
  • Runners pay just 150AED per person to race (120AED if booking early bird)
  • Trophies and prizes for the top three winning teams to cross the finish line, best supported team, best dressed team and fastest individual lap time!